Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's in a name

The search for a company name wasn't as easy as one would think particularly now that we live in a global Internet age.

My initial idea was around a sun theme for its symbolism of life and positive energy. After a few quick Google searches, it soon became apparent that many others had the same idea, with essentially all synonyms and ancient mythological characters quickly snapped up.

Next strategy was to take parts of my first and last names and try different permutations, figuring a made up word would have a great chance of not being taken. Some combinations one would think to be totally nonsensical ended up being actual words in other languages and the related domain snatched up. Even with Katy and Megan's help, all paths lead to a dead end.

Not wanting to let go of the initial idea of sun, combined with some Taoism philosophy lead to the final result. The Latin root of "vit" represents life (sun), with the Taoism symbolism of water's strength and path of least resistence (H2O) => "vi" + "hho" => Vihho Technology. The two are the main elements in the logo.

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