Monday, July 14, 2008

Business Cards

There are numerous web sites that offer business cards for $5.99 or cheaper. At that price, they must make very little, or no money at all and likely just sell your information to the highest bidder. Who knows where and to whom your contact information will be sold to once they get your precious information.

If you're a DIYer, it is very easy to create your own business cards. A few requirements before you embark on this project:

1. Decent color inkjet/laser printer. I'm using a newly purchased Canon Pixma.
2. Your corporate logo. If you haven't got one, get even a basic one for now
3. Business card printing paper. Avery has the industry standard formats (8873) and paper. I decided to go with the Avery Linen Textured two-side printable clean-edge business cards.

Avery has free business card templates and software available on their site. Create your business card in the Word template and do a few test printouts in low-res, on regular paper. No need wasting ink and paper during design phase. Crack open the business paper, once you've finalized the design.

The final product was quite impressive. All who received the new business cards commented on the high quality and professional look and feel.

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