Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Microsoft Live Mesh

Upon looking for (free) online storage options, I stumbled upon Microsoft's Live Mesh. It is only in tech preview, but the current functionality is already feature filled and its future vision is impressive.

Current functionality:
  • Free, but requires Live account
  • Online storage: 5 GB
  • Sharing and synchronizing directories/files between computers (no more emailing documents, or saving in Gmail like I've been doing for a while now)
  • Live Desktop provides remote access to connect to your home computer from work, or the reverse - similar to Remote Desktop
Some basic functionality is still missing: ability upload multiple files or deleting directories, but having used it for a few hours, I'm already a fan. Live Mesh only runs on Microsoft XP or Vista, so all others are out of luck.

Update: Ryan showed me the light and steered me away from the web client. The key is setting the sync settings to Synchronize files when the files are added. The Live Mesh client install will place an icon on your desktop to access your Mesh folders. Within explorer, it's the usual operations (drag & drop files or folders, delete, rename, etc) you get with the vanilla file system.

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