Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Source Control/Code Hosting

With continuous tweaks to the Vihho website, some sort of source control as backup and versioning is becoming necessary. Not wanting to deal with the additional hardware and responsibility of configuring and maintaining my own source control server, I went out looking for a hosted solution.

My source control applications of choice are Subversion and VSTS/TFS. Subversion, along with TortoiseSVN is an open source favorite. VSTS/TFS is Microsoft's offering in the enterprise source control, a much bigger brother to Visual SourceSafe.

There are numerous Subversion options, but I finally decided on cvsdude for their great reviews and free hosting. Their other plans are also quite affordable:
  • Free Account: 2MB, 1 repository, 1 user
  • $5.99/month: 250 MB, 1 repository, 2 users
TFS hosting is extremely limited and expensive, with the lowest offering at TeamDevCentral at $1000/month and TFSNow at $995/month. Unfortunately the TFSNow website has not been responding the past few days. This offering appears to only be targeting large scale enterprises at the moment.

The only reasonable option for TFS hosting is to create an open source project on CodePlex. Of course, this means the entire world can peer at your source code, but at least there is no cost.

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